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Dave’s Workout After-Effects Kick In [VIDEO]
After Monday's workout with Corey Gant at the Y, I was feeling terrific. I always do after a workout. It's just that I hadn't worked out like that in a few years. Well, yesterday and today, I've been reminded what it's like when you get back into a workout routine, especiall…
Dave’s Workout Regimen Begins [VIDEO]
I suppose weighing north of 300 pounds would be fine if I were in the NFL. But...I'm not in the NFL. I'm in the WBKR. So, it's past time to take advantage of the training expertise of our good friend Corey Gant at the Athenian.
Dave Tackles Incredible Inflatables Slide [VIDEO]
So the day turned out colder than we'd planned. No matter. Jac's Big O Party was a huge success. Eric Winkler prepared barbecue sandwich plate lunches to raise money for 3-month-old Hallie Spinks of Rockport, a little girl suffering from neuroblastoma.
Dave Spencer Tangles with Snapping Turtle
No good deed goes unpunished.
It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. My nephew and my mother were joining me at Lowe's to purchase a birthday gift for my sister. On the way back, I spotted a turtle in the middle of Martin Luther King Jr. Loop. Should've kept drivin'.

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