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Goodbye Earl
I always love when country music artists team up to sing classic and fun country songs.  Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town are singing one of my favorites.  Watch~
I'm going to fully admit up front, I'm drinking the 'Lemonade' and it's refreshing. Beyonce's new concept album of the same name has topped the newest Billboard 200 chart and one track is getting a lot of attention in the country world. As soon as I heard the first chords of "Daddy Lessons"…
Talk about a "long time gone", this is exciting news! The Dixie Chicks announced this morning they will embark on their first North American tour in a decade. They posted the announcement to their Facebook page. Watch!
A Dixie Chicks Tour?
The Dixie Chicks thrilled European fans recently by announcing they’d be reuniting and going on tour across the pond, but is it possible the band will take a tour stateside? According to Natalie Maines' Twitter page, it might be in the cards.
Natalie Maines Goes Solo
It's been ten years since the Dixie Chicks' scandal rocked the country music world.  It was March 10th of 2003 that Natalie Maines told a London audience that was she "ashamed that the President of the United States (George W. Bush) is from Texas."  And since that time, it's been a mixed b…
Dixie Chicks Resurface…Kinda, Sorta…Well, Just Barely
Hard to believe, but in recent years I had forgotten all about the big Dixie Chicks controversy back in 2003. But a couple of recent articles by writer Phyllis Stark--one about Chicks music finding its way back onto the country airwaves, the other about programmers still quite wary of…