Google's 2014 Review [Video]
I love these videos!  I get chills every single time I see one and this year's is no exception.  Here's Google's video of what the world searched for online in 2014.  How many of these faces and events do you recall.
What the World Googled in 2013
I don't know why . . . but I cry every time I watch one of these.  And, since 2013 is drawing to its close, Google has made me cry again with its year-end review.  Here's the video compilation of what people searched for on Google in the past year.  And, as always, it's a testament to the triumph of…
Elvis Presley Memorabilia [VIDEO]
I was just 5 years old when Elvis passed away on this day August 16th, 1977  that was a sad day across America. I had probably 100 Elvis cards, not knowing then it wasn't a good idea to glue them all to a piece of plywood ha ha. I have been a fan of Elvis all my life, there will never be another ent…