Life Lessons

When Life Hands You Lemons Throw Them Back
When we are brought into this world we don't get to choose who raises us, where we will live, or even the school we might go to. Those circumstances can affect our entire lives if we allow them too. Often we come to a crossroads in life where we have to decide how we handle what is coming at us.
Life Isn't Always Picture Perfect
Angel here. I have been jokingly and very seriously reminding everyone for weeks now that my 40th birthday is this Thursday. In the 39 years, I have spent on this earth I have had quite the journey. Lots of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and plenty of valuable lessons.
Unexpected Life Lessons From My Teenage Son
Angel here. I remember growing up my mother telling me how hard it was to raise my brothers. I laughed when she shared stories. I'm not sure any amount of schooling, storytelling, book reading could have prepared me for raising teenage boys.