Angel here and I grew up watching The Golden Girls.  I learned some of the greatest lessons sitting beside my momma on Friday nights seeing these four navigate through life.

I think the most significant mother/daughter relationship in the whole show was Dorothy and Sophia.  From their constant bickering to the roles being switch when Sophia came to live with them after she accidentally burned down Shady Pines you got to truly see their dynamic.  Many can relate to the love and frustration these two have for one another.  It is very much my momma and I.

Blanche had a quite different relationship with her mother.  Big Momma as Blanche called her.  Blanche did talk as much about her as she did Big Daddy but I do remember the episode when Blanche went to visit her and she had Alzheimer's.   It was a tear-jerker.  She so desperately wanted her mother to remember something she had done and Blanche swore it happened one way and her mother another.  In the end Blanche realized her mother really did remember and loved her very much.

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Rose was adopted when she was 8 by Gunter and Alma Lindstrom.  You only meet Alma in one episode of the Golden Girls as well.  She came to visit and Rose was super overprotective trying to treat her like a child.  She just wanted to go out and have fun with Sophia and Rose wasn't having it.

Aside from their own moms, all the girls had up and down relationships with their own children.  If you have ever had the chance to watch the show you can probably relate to the struggle.

The Golden Girls opened the door to so many different real-life situations that other shows weren't talking about.  They brought it out in the open and help families handle it with comedy, compassion, and cheesecake!

As a mother now I am often able to laugh at the crap I have to deal with thinking how would Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia handle this situation.  I have raised my own children on The Golden Girls.  They love sitting and watching them together.  It is a family tradition and comfort in our home.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously
  • Laugh at your mistakes
  • Keep a few close friends at arm's length
  • Find the beauty in yourself and speak it into existence
  • Remember forgiveness is key
  • If you can't forgive there's always a Sicilian curse

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