The Livermore Pig Has Been Adopted [Photos]
I have some really exciting news to share.  The Livermore pig, who made news a couple of weeks ago after he ended up in the Daviess County Animal Shelter, has been adopted.  Yes, after spending eight months on the streets living off the kindness of strangers and unsuspecting gardens, the p…
Please Help the Livermore Pig Find a Forever Home [Photos]
This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life.  I was broadcasting at BF Evans Ford yesterday when the ladies in the office started talking about Livermore's pig.  If you live in Livermore, you know exactly which pig I'm talking about.  If you have no clue who in the heck thi…
Cuties For A Cure Pageant [PHOTO]
Everyone knows that WBKR is a huge supporter of St. Jude.  We love when the community gets involved.  Michelle Vincent has created a Benefit Beauty Pageant in honor of these precious babies.