It's been more than a year since Randy Travis had a stroke, and his fiancee says he is continuing to make great strides in his recovery.

Travis was admitted to the hospital in July of 2013, suffering from viral cardiomyopathy. He had a stroke and was forced to undergo emergency surgery, and he has been slowly fighting his way back ever since he returned home.

His fiancee, Mary Davis, attributes much of his recovery to his positive outlook.

"He wakes up with a smile on his face; he goes to bed with a smile on his face," she tells ABC affiliate WFAA in Tioga, Texas. "He inspires me daily ... There's never that, 'Why me Lord?' It's always, 'Why not me, Lord?'"

Travis has made a few limited public appearances in the last year, first in a wheelchair, and then using a walking stick at a benefit in September. Davis says this week he walked 300 yards without any assistance.

The country legend is also beginning to work on some new music. "He's starting to write," she shares. "He signed some guitars with his left hand. So Randy Travis has a new autograph!"

Travis is still struggling with aphasia, a condition which affects the subject's ability to express and understand language. But Davis says his music still comes naturally to him.

"The music does come easy," she notes. "He plays every single chord and he knows all the words."

She believes the legend will be able to perform his music in public again, too, vowing, "I'm exactly where I need to be and want to be, and from Randy's standpoint, he's gonna be back. He loves music too much."

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