Daviess County Public Library Is Looking For Teen Volunteers
Do you have a teen in your home who loves to read?  Do you know a teenager who would enjoy reading to others?  The Daviess County Public Library is looking for teen volunteers.
They are asking for any teen that loves to read to record themselves reading different books for their virtual sto…
Teens & Social Media
As the parent of two teenage boys, I am constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure they are behaving properly on social media. Teaching any teen the correct etiquette is super important before you turn them loose on a phone or electronic device.
FREE Summer Memberships for Teens
Planet Fitness locations all over the United States are starting this summer out in a big way with the "Teen Summer Challenge" giving all teens an opportunity to workout completely FREE.
Teen Job Skills Training
Do you have a teenager that will be starting their first job this summer? It is important to know the necessary types of skills employers are searching for and this class will help.
Places That Hire Teens
Angel here! I had my first real job at the age of 14. I worked for the Owensboro Family YMCA. Naturally, I expect my two teenage boys to work so I researched all the places who hire teens. Here is what I found-->