One hot topic that has been brought up with the recent Valentine's holiday, is high school relationships. Dating in high school is a very big topic for parents and students alike. Many students believe they should start dating right as they enter high school while some parents think they should never date at all! After talking to people of all different ages, I've found that some parents and students agree, but others are completely opposite.

After discussing this to people in the community, I discovered that most students and parents believe dating should start around ages 16 and 17. This is because students are able to drive and are more mature then they would be when they are 14 and just starting high school. There were a few who believed that 9th grade would be a good time because as a student, you are just starting high school and are meeting new people. Others thought ages 17 and 18 would be best because once you reach that age you are mature and you know more about the others in your school and community to make good judgements.

Let us know what you think!!!


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