The fall weather has definitely settled in. It's been colder at night and definitely not as warm during the day in Illinois. As we get closer to Halloween, parents will want to make sure coats, gloves, and stocking hats are ready to keep their kids warm

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I wouldn't hold your breath for a late-October heatwave for a night of trick-or-treating. Expect your kids to be upset because you'll be putting a winter coat over their cool costume.

Trick-or-Treat Times In Iowa and Illinois

Whether it's cold or not, your kid will want to run around the neighborhood or wherever you trick-or-treat to collect as much candy as possible for you to throw away half of it.

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We've compiled the biggest list of trick-or-treat times for communities throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding area. To see what day and time trick-or-treating is in your town, check out the full list here.

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If It's Too Cold For Your Kids, Try Trunk-or-Treating

If you and your kid can't stand the cold but still want to collect candy while being outside as little as possible, there's a different solution to make everyone happy: trunk-or-treating.

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Trunk-or-treat is a lot less time outside and another way to collect more candy this Halloween season. To see a full list of trunk-or-treat events in and around the Quad Cities, visit this page.

Party In The Warm At The Biggest Halloween Party

Halloween Ball 2021
Halloween Ball 2021

As a parent, you need some Halloween fun and our fun is indoors with live music, free food, booze, boos, and other parents taking a break from their sugar-filled kids.

Join us at The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on October 27th for:

You can purchase your tickets to our annual Halloween Costume Ball by clicking the button below

Bundle Up Your Kids, Expect A Cold Halloween Night

Don't expect it to be anywhere close to a warm Halloween night. Gloves, stocking hats, coats, and hand/feet warmers are going to be a lifesaver if this forecast remains the same.

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When looking at our extended forecast, The Weather Channel shows us that the high right now for Halloween is 51° and the low is 36°. With sunset at 5:58 p.m. that evening, things will cool off very quickly when that sun goes down in the middle of trick-or-treating.

Obviously, the forecast can and most likely will change. The hope is that it changes to be a little bit warmer considering we could see freezing temperatures at night from Oct. 28 through Oct. 30 and highs only in the mid-40s those days.

I would plan to have all of your cold-weather gear on standby for you and your kid as w get closer to Halloween.

Quad Cities Haunted Houses

Spooky season is here Quad Cities! Haunted houses are open and we know you want to get your scare on. We have the full list of Quad City haunted houses you need to visit before Halloween.

Gallery Credit: Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

Quad Cities Pumpkin Patches

It's pumpkin pickin' time in the Quad Cities. Pumpkins make great fall decorations and they are obviously fun to carve. If buying a pumpkin at a store doesn't cut it and you want the full experience of a pumpkin patch, we have the full list of pumpkin patches throughout the Quad Cities. If we are missing any local pumpkin patches, email us here.

Gallery Credit: Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

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