Whitesville Elementary

The First Day of School
Today marked the first day of school in the Daviess County School System and I spent the morning at Whitesville Elementary.  Whitesville is a Lighthouse School and, keeping with the theme, celebrated by encouraging their kids to "sail away into a world of learning."  Chec…
Whitesville, Here We Come!
It was Back-to-School Week this week for students in the Owensboro City School System, in Hancock, McLean and more area counties.  Next week, students from the Daviess County Public School System go back to school and we're going to be there to celebrate!
Whitesville Celebrates Leaders
Four Daviess County schools celebrated a tremendous honor today. Whitesville Elementary, Sorgho Elementary, East View Elementary and Country Heights Elementary Schools all became a Lighthouse School with the celebrations to match the huge accomplishment!
Chad and I were able to surprise the kids at W…