It was 2017 that Tamarack Elementary School third-grader Kalie Jo Stiles suffered a medical emergency at school.  Eight weeks later, on May 13th of that year, she passed away.  This Friday, her classmates and teachers will keep her memory and legacy at the school alive with a special dedication during the school's fifth-grade promotion ceremony.

Tamarack's graduation ceremony is set for 11 a.m. Friday, May 17.  In addition to celebrating the many achievements of the graduating class, the school plans to take time to remember Katie Jo, who would have . . . and should have . . . been a member of Tamarack's 2019 graduating class.

According to Daviess County Public Schools, this year's graduation ceremony will include “an empty chair” and a special dedication ceremony in honor of Kalie Jo’s memory. Plus, Katie's family has been asked to attend the ceremony as Kalie Jo is remembered and celebrated as a Tamarack "shining star."




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