Since the pandemic began back in 1986, I mean March, three things have occurred--as a result of COVID-19--that I actually like. And, for my money, they can stay put after we get this thing under control.

Let's start with live performances on TV. I confess I missed the 2020 CMT Awards which aired this past Wednesday night, but I did see the Academy of Country Music Awards last month. I don't know about you, but the acoustics at the Las Vegas venue where the ACMs are typically held are never good and, consequently, the performances suffer.

Well, this year, all the performances were acoustic, which is my total jam. I saw very few flaws that night and was impressed with just about everyone. (Doesn't get much better than Luke Combs backed by just a piano.)

I also love how we're voting this year. The expanded early voting is great. And it didn't take me long at all from the time I got in line until the time I was back in my car.

And what about the Fourth of July and the fireworks displays and multiple locations across Owensboro? That's probably my favorite. Please bring that back.

I also like the new measures put in place by Target as the retail giant prepares for the holiday shopping season.

Implementing contactless payment, the opportunity to skip the checkout line, and the availability of store line reservations are wonderful ways to keep shoppers safe. But they are also wonderful ways to enhance a shopping experience by adding convenience.

And as the holiday season approaches, Target will double its number of parking spaces. They'll also make drive-up shopping quicker and easier by requiring that customers only need to show associates the Target app and their customer ID through the window.

These are great safety measures, but I think they need to stick around once the pandemic comes to an end.

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