Taylor Swift established herself as top notch songwriter with her first three albums, but chose to flip the script and work with outside collaborators on her fourth album 'Red.'

That decision worked in her favor, since the album yielded smash after smash. Now, Swift reveals that she plans to continue working with songwriters on the follow-up, which will be her fifth full length studio album.

The superstar is enjoying the process, so she sees no reason to change it up. Hey, if it ain't broke ...

"I'm really loving collaboration right now," Swift tells Billboard. The singer offers a unique point of view about co-writing, explaining that it's almost like being in school, where she continues to expand her skills and talent. She is still eager to learn and has an insatiable hunger about her craft.

"I see it as a bit of an apprenticeship. I want to be around people who love writing songs and have done it for years," the pop-country songstress says. "Every time I'm in a studio, I'm learning, like how to build a drum track, and getting a new perspective on things. It's so thrilling to keep learning on your fifth album."

No phoning it in or resting on her laurels for Taylor Swift; she's continuing to grow, grow and grow some more. The starlet is always thinking and organizing her thoughts while planning ahead for future albums, even immediately after she turns one in to her label.

"As soon as (an album) comes out, I'm figuring out what the next one will be," Swift shares. "It's gotten to the point where each one is a reinvention, which is what I like best. I like it when it sounds new and people don't know where you're going to go next."

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