It only became a joke later in life, when we were all adults, and we'd get our heads together and realize that we all were served the same unlikely combination during our respective lunch periods.

I went to grade school at Masonville Elementary a very long time ago. It was so long ago, in fact, that the lunches were not pre-ordained by the school system. In other words, it wasn't one blanket menu for all the schools. Actually, it was our principal, Mr. Markham, who came up with them, if I remember correctly.

I liked Mr. Markham. He was a good man. And he had good taste in lunch options for kids...up to a point.

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I never understood why we got some of the side dishes we got at Masonville. Some were weird (a side salad and that gross ORANGE French dressing with EVERYTHING), and some seemed to be too adult (three-bean salad).

You know, I choked down two servings of three-bean salad when I was in first grade because Mrs. Martin was awarding a toy to the one student who would clean his or her plate every day for two weeks. I have no idea what she was going to do in the event of a tie, but that was never an issue. I won.

One of the odd combinations we were given was pizza and corn. And it happened a lot. And, yes, we ate it without thinking about it. The pizza, the corn, and the amazing yeast roll. We always had yeast rolls and they rocked our worlds.

We were kids. We loved pizza and we loved corn. It wasn't until much later in life that we realized how strange it was to put those two things together.

And, by the way, the only thing wrong with that picture is that the pizza isn't RECTANGULAR, which it always was at school.

But seriously, when you go to a pizza joint, do you see CORN on the side-item menu?

And I had to wonder if that magic combo is still part of the lunchtime routine at our city and county schools.

And if not, maybe we'll luck out and Lay's will make that its next potato chip flavor.

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