My comfort level just decreased a fraction. I've been reading about a tech firm that says that hackers are still able to get into our locked phones and use our cameras.

So now what?

WHAS11-Louisville reports that the firm known as Checkmarx has researchers that have found that hundreds of millions Android users are vulnerable.

Good times.

You gotta love technology. I mean, really, you gotta love it. I absolutely do. It is amazing what we can do remotely, for example.

But think about it this way. What if someone could steal stuff out of your house...WHILE IT'S LOCKED?

In those terms, it makes it seem like these hackers have magic powers. As far as I'm concerned, if they can access a camera on a locked phone, they do.

It reminds me of something I heard, either in a movie or on TV--can't remember. But the line was/is, "Everything is magic if you don't believe in science."

Anyway, Checkmarx says that the best way to avoid being susceptible to these high-tech shenanigans is to avoid rogue apps--ones that aren't verified.

Apparently, using the camera isn't the only thing these hackers can do while your phone is locked. Checkmarx goes on to say that they can record you AND locate your device with GPS.

Samsung and Google phones appear to be the most at risk.


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