Teenagers are looking for jobs for a couple of reasons. The biggest one, at least I think, is saving for a car? Independence is what I meant. A teen job fair is coming up in Owensboro and the potential employers will be there not only to interview but to give tips on landing that first job.


DCPL and Owensboro Youth Empowerment Summit are hosting are co-hosting the job fair next Thursday, March 10th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Teens in grades 9-12 can meet with several potential employers. Local HR professionals will also be available to answer questions about every aspect of the job search process, from creating a resume to acing that first job interview.

Teen librarian Sarah Jacobs had this to say about the upcoming job fair:

“There is a great need for employees, and we believe that teens are a great resource for summer help. Hosting a teen job fair at the library is the perfect way to bring the two sides together,” says Jacobs. “Last October, we hosted a teen job fair, and it was a great success. There were 100 teens in attendance, and we were able to connect them with employers and provide them with tips on getting the job. We are hoping to replicate that success this spring."

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Employers that will be in attendance include Holiday World, Owensboro Parks and Rec, McDonald's, Papa John's, Dairy Queen, Raising Cane's, Lee's Chicken, Fetta Pizza, Ben's Soft Pretzel, and Culver's. Three HR professionals will be there to help with job search guidance.

To learn more about the job fair, please contact Sarah Jacobs at sjacobs@dcplibrary.org.

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