Remember when John Calipari took the head coaching job at the University of Kentucky? Remember the speculation that he wouldn't be at UK very long before he would have to, once again, scratch that NBA itch?

Well, it looks like he has officially slapped some permanent Cortizone-10 on that itch.

In a USA Today blog, Calipari--who's about to enter his 10th season as the Wildcats' head coach--reflects on the past decade and how quickly it has passed.

He also admits that there was a time he didn't think he'd be coaching into his 60s, but here he is about four months from his 60th birthday.

And now it looks as if there's no end in sight.

With more and more Hall of Fame coaches working into their 70s--Jim Boeheim at Syracuse will be 74 next month and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski will turn 71 in February--it isn't outlandish to think that John Calipari has another 10 years in him.

The thing is--and this comes up in the blog--what Calipari does for the kids he recruits and for their families is SO rewarding that he can't see giving it up unless he doesn't feel that way about it anymore.

And, see, THAT'S the kind of thing that doesn't really wear out, as far as I'm concerned.

Folks who enjoy helping others and are in a position to keep doing it as long as they want DON'T get tired of it.

John Calipari will be at Kentucky as long as John Calipari WANTS to be at Kentucky.

And, at this point, it's difficult to say when or IF that feeling will come to an end.


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