Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow and many people travel all over to have dinner with their families.  As we all prepare to dive into our plates we might all think twice after reading these etiquette tips.

Valarie Roberts is the Etiquette Lady of Kentucky.  Valerie says "Etiquette is not about judging others or being judged, but rather, it's about showing the people around you respect, including yourself."

Thanksgiving Holiday Do’s and Don’t
DO arrive on time.
DON’T bring uninvited guests.

DO put your cell phone away.
DON’T snoop around the host’s home.

DO place your napkin in your lap.
DON’T tuck it in your shirt.

DO sit up straight at the dinner table.
DON’T put your elbows on the table.

DO pass the salt and pepper together.
DON’T blow on your food to cool it.

DO keep discussions light and enjoyable.
DON’T gossip.

DO offer to help clean-up.
DON’T overstay your welcome.

If you're hosting the meal this holiday season here are some great tips that will have your guests feeling super special and appreciated.

 10 Host Tips
1. Keep Special Requests in mind, especially dietary concerns.
2. Plan ahead to avoid stress.
3. Decorate with seasonal finds.
4. Use place cards.
5. Do not use scented candles.
6. Make home clean and tidy.
7. Prepare a place to put coats.
8. Designate a children’s area with things for them to play.
9. Buy containers for guest to take home leftovers.
10. Visit with your guests.

We hope everyone has a blessed and enjoyable holiday.

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