This is seriously where I want to retire!  When I was on my cruise last month in December we visited Bonaire, one the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela.  The "A" is, of course, Aruba.  The "C" is Curacao.  I had visited those islands before and was glad to go back.  They are spectacular.  But nothing prepared me for the beauty of Bonaire.  This place is INCREDIBLE!

Okay, so as I am writing this blog, there are a couple of inches of snow outside my office window and it's 24 degrees outside.  I don't know about you, but I need a beach break.  So, check this out.  This is some video from The Black Rock on Bonaire.  The waves and scenery are magnificent.

And here's yours truly standing on top of The Black Rock!  Yes, I climbed it and got a pretty decent shower from the spray from the crashing waves.

Photo by Kevin Bowlds

In addition to beautiful coastline, Bonaire is home to some other breathtaking attractions.  For instance, check out this photo of the Salt Flats.

Yes.  That's actually salt.  But cooler than that . . . the water (rather, pink water) surrounding the salt pyramids.

And speaking of pink, flamingos are abundant on Bonaire.  As we drove around the island we saw hundreds.  Here's just one flock we snagged a photo of-

I can't express enough how beautiful this island paradise is.  Kevin and I have already decided that this is where we are going to retire.  Our friend Lori (on the left) is already making her plans to return.  Seriously, if you get the chance . . . GO!  Visit Bonaire.  You're going to want to retire here as well.

And, if you ever do make it to the island, be sure to look up our wonderful, dear, new friend, Christie Dovale!

That's Christie with the headband.  She gave us a five hour tour of the island that was rich with history, humor and so much fun.  We had a blast with her and she literally knows just about everything there is to know about her island home.  If you're traveling to Bonaire and want the best guide possible to introduce you to the island, its history, the beauty and even its secrets, contact Christie.  She is WONDERFUL and literally is the most hospitable host we've ever encountered in the Caribbean (and we have visited virtually every island there is to visit).

Christie's motto is "I love Bonaire."  And, after experiencing it with her, I can tell you that the four of us love it too.