What is the size of the average American woman? I thought about it and I came to the answer a size 12. It turns out it was a size 14 and now, it's a size 16-18. I'm not surprised, but in a way I'm relieved. 

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According to a study published last August in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education, the average clothing size had increased over a ten year period. Women over the age of 20 were surveyed. I can attest to not all size 14 clothes are the same. Most of the time, a size 14 is too big on me, so I go with a size 12. I'm a petite lady with more than a few extra pounds on her frame, especially in the hip and in the belly area. Whenever I would fill out the "body type" section on a dating profile, don't judge, I would pick "average" because "a few extra pounds" sounds too vague, and "overweight" wasn't an option.

On the same front, singer Pink recently gave birth to her second child and like all women who have children, she has baby weight. She shared this on Instagram over the weekend.

Okay, so I'm obese???? I'm kidding, I totally understand and I respect the heck out of Pink for posting this. I don't own a scale and when I do weigh, it's either at the doctor's office or at my parents' house. Life is too short to constantly obsess on your weight or what size you wear. Note I said constantly.

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