I love chicken salad.  I love Chick-Fil-A's.  I love Great Harvest Bread Company's.  And I love my mother's!  Here's her recipe for what I like to call The Best Homemade Chicken Salad Ever.  And I am sharing it with you just in time for Memorial Day.

Photo by Tad
Photo by Tad


2 12-ounce cans of cooked chicken

1 bag of Craisins

1 apple

1 small bag of chopped pecans

1 celery stalk


I asked my mother for exact measurements and she basically laughed at me.  This woman is no Barefoot Contessa.  Ina Garten always has those big old stainless steel measuring cups handy when she cooks.  My mother basically just uses her hands (which hopefully she washed).  Here's what mother does . . .

In a large bowl, she "dumps" in the chicken.  Then she cuts up (dices) a large apple and "dumps" about 3/4 of into the bowl.  She grabs a handful of Craisins and "dumps" them into the bowl.  She dices one stalk of celery and "dumps" that into the bowl.  Then she grabs a handful of chopped pecans and "dumps" them into the bowl.  Then she "dumps" in some mayo.  Now, the amount of mayonnaise you use is really a matter of personal taste.  My mother just "dumps" some in and, if she thinks she needs a little more, she'll "dump" in a little extra.  Mix it all together and you're finished!  The Best (and Easiest) Homemade Chicken Salad Ever!

To serve . . . just get a big spoonful and "dump" it between two slices of your favorite bread!

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