I've only been to the state fair once and the food I obtained was from a truck near the front of the pack, Sivori Catering. I had a hot brown on a stick. Sivori is back with two new items for 2018. Watch out Krispy Kreme burger!

The Big Clifty Bourbon Doughnut Burger is beef topped with...a slice of country ham, a maple bourbon glaze, and two doughnut buns. Oh Mylanta! They had me at country ham and all that other stuff.

Sivori will also introduce fair goers to their version of the Canadian treat poutine. Now personally, I'm not sure about poutine. It's french fries covered with brown gravy and cheese curds. Sivori's version replaces fries with tater tots, they keep the traditional gravy and cheese curds, but then they add diced green onions and diced tomatoes. Plus, they will have additional topping such as ranch dressing, salsa, sour cream, BACON, and banana peppers. I would eat this poutine.

Chad and Angel are lucky because both items will be ready for their trip to the fair tomorrow and you'll hear all about the food, animals, and lots more beginning Thursday morning on WBKR!

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