There's no doubt that Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has become one of the most popular governors in the United States.  His daily COVID-19 news briefings and his compassion for the Commonwealth and his fellow Kentuckians have thrust him into rock star status over the last few weeks.

What's a sign you've really made it?  Well, you know you've made it when you inspire an entire line of parody t-shirts!  Seriously!  Google "Andy Beshear + t-shirt" and see what happens.  "Andy Wear" is everywhere.

So, I put together some of my favorite t-shirts that I have found for sale online.

Hilarious Andy Beshear T-Shirts

If you'd like to purchase any of the shirts above (I have my list ready), here's where you can get them.

To buy the Kentucky's Governing Body, Mister Beshear's Commonwealth or the It's Andy O'Clock Somewhere shirt, visit

If you'd like to rock out the Bae Shear Govern Me, Daddy shirt, visit

For the Be Calm, Be Cool, Beshear shirt or the Kenneth & Virginia & Andy & Kentucky shirt, visit

Finally, while it's not necessarily funny, I do have to give my friend Courtney Peveler a shout out.  She designed the first "Andy" shirt I purchased!


If you'd like to purchase an Andy shirt from Courtney, they're available in Kentucky blue, gray or black.  Simply message Courtney via her Facebook page by CLICKING HERE!

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