Miracle Treat Day is TODAY at Dairy Queen!  And we are celebrating by sending Jaclyn and Dave Spencer to broadcast live from the Dairy Queen location on New Hartford Road in Owensboro!  A couple of years ago, I was broadcasting live during Miracle Treat Day at the Dairy Queen and took some time to introduce the Dairy Queen staff to my favorite Blizzard flavor and combination.  And I talked a couple of the gals into showing you how it's made.  Ladies and Gents, I proudly present (in case you missed it here at WBKR.com) The Heath Bar and Marshmallow Blizzard from Dairy Queen!

Be sure to stop by a Dairy Queen location anytime TODAY and order a delicious Blizzard!  One dollar from each one sold will benefit the Children's Miracle Network! Dairy Queen has raised millions nationwide thanks to Miracle Treat Day!