On the CB Radio Show we started discussing the El Camino and how it is no longer in the United States.  General Motors has a hand in other countries other than The United States.  They are the parent company for German automobiles such as Opel and Vauxhall and in Australia as well with Holden.  The El Camino is still alive in Australia as a Holden Commodore UTE. 

Jaclyn loves the old El Camino.  It is a car up front and a handy pick up truck in the back.  It began back in 1959 and soon became a more muscular car and then dropped off in the late 80's... but it didn't really.  Australia still makes it and if you look at the front of it... You'll realize that it is a Pontiac G8 front end because GM rebadged the Commodore.

:Brendon Thorne GettyImages
:Brendon Thorne GettyImages

Australia loves the LS V8 and they still slap it into their cars.  Also that car isn't even close to the only one that looks american.  The Buick Regal is actually a Vauxhall Insignia.  The Pontiac GTO from 2004 is actually a Holden Monaro and my favorite is the Cadillac Catera which is just a German Opel Omega.

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