Yes, Reba McEntire is the latest singer to fall victim to an internet death hoax. Both Cher and Jon Bon Jovi have met the same false fate over the past two months. By the way, did anyone else think Bon Jovi's appearance in a new Advil commercial seem a little bit creepy and forced? We get it, he's not dead! What's funny is, Kim Kardashian actually believed the Cher hoax, but are we surprised?

But Reba's death hoax got me to thinking, there is at least one person who could have been laughing about this or dancing on Reba's fictional grave: one Linda Davis. I think we all remember the end of the "Does He Love You" video: Exhibit A

KA-BOOM! But then I got to thinking Reba had a bit of a blood-thirsty streak at one time herself: Exhibit B "The Night When Lights Went Out In Georgia"

I rest my case.

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