Friday night's Mega Millions jackpot was huge.  An estimated $370 million dollar payout was up for grabs.  However, no one won.  With no winning tickets sold, that jackpot is on the rise and Mega Millions fever is spreading again as we head into 2019!

The winning numbers for Friday's $370 million dollar drawing were: 9, 10, 25, 37, 38. The MegaBall was 21.  Because there was no winner, the jackpot will grow at an estimated $425 million dollars for the next drawing on New Year's Day!  Just throwing this out there . . . but that would be a heckuva way to ring in 2019.

Well, one would think.  No one has won the jackpot since someone bought the winning ticket for a $1.5 billion dollar payout in October.  The only catch?  The person who bought that winning ticket hasn't come forward and the clock is ticking to do so.  The winning jackpot must be claimed by April.

I'll just tell you this right now.  If I am holding the winning Mega Millions ticket on New Year's Day, I will be at the on doorstep of the Kentucky Lottery office in Louisville when it opens on January 2nd!

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