Asking questions on a search engine can be a bit tricky. I mostly ask "How?" questions. Google and AT&T have revealed the most-asked "Why do?" questions in each state and Indiana? You are the front runner! 

First, here's the map:

Why do? most-asked in US map

Kentucky's most-asked "why do?" question is a scream: Why do cats knead? I never knew cats "made biscuits" until two years ago. But why biscuits? Answer that Google!

Illinois's most-asked "why do?" question is also animal related. Why do dogs have tails? While we're at it, why do cats, horses, pigs, lizards, etc. have tails too? Maybe we could use a tail.

Now with Indiana, I won't be able to use a clever video, because your "why do?" question is a bit naughty, yet practical. But don't worry, Colorado is just as curious.

Peruse the map and there are more just plain weird ones. Really Michigan?!?

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