When you do a "Mount Rushmore of..." survey, you wonder if you're going to get more than four that are deserving.

I'm a big college basketball fan and every time I think of who would be on the "Mount Rushmore of College Basketball Coaches," I always come up with FIVE--John Wooden, Adolph Rupp, Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski, and Dean Smith.

And I don't know who to remove.

The "Mount Rushmore of Male Country Artists" is even worse. Hank Williams, George Jones, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, and Conway Twitty leap immediately to mind and that's already SEVEN.

So when I asked around about what would be on the "Mount Rushmore of Owensboro Landmarks," I was prepared for that dilemma.

Didn't happen, though.

There were four prominent suggestions and they were the four I was thinking, too.

The Glover Cary Bridge


Moonlite's Big Burgoo Pot

Moonlite Bar-B-Q- Inn/Facebook

The Sassafras Tree

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

Gabe's Tower

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

If there are more...well...there's no room. Only four can be on Mount Rushmore. But if there is one or more landmarks that get ENOUGH suggestions, we'll go back in and make changes.

But right now, it looks like these are the ones that make the cut.

Now...where to find a sculptor...