His story truly inspired the world.  When Lane Goodwin's "Thumbs Up" craze spread like wildfire through the digital landscape, I think every single person who heard his story was inspired.  I know that I was.  And Chad decided that Lane was the perfect inspiration for 2013's original St. Jude song. 

As a songwriter, I have always wanted to write an anthem.  A song that just takes hold of you and compels you to act and make a difference.  A song like Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror."  A song like Garth Brooks' "Standing Outside the Fire."  And, for me, Lane provided that inspiration.  His message was simple and clear and I heard it in my head for days and days before I sat down in the floor of my living room and sang the chorus into a recorder for the first time.   When I hit rewind and pushed play, I knew I had my anthem.  Lane's anthem.


So, to honor Lane and the Goodwin family Jaclyn and I went into the studios at Gray Sky Music and began work on "Thumbs Up."  We called in our friends Mudd River Union, Katie Beste and Randy Lanham for additional support.  After all, a song about a movement and the power of the human voice should come at with the strongest voices around.  And, my goodness, did we get them.

So, we proudly present 2013's St. Jude anthem . . . "Thumbs Up."  Lane's family referred to his cancer as "The Monster" and we are all . . . everyone of us . . . locked in battle with that formidable, deadly beast.  Our mission with our St. Jude Radiothon each year is to do what we can to rally the troops and face it head on.   It's a monster that can claim lives, but it cannot defeat the human spirit. Here at WBKR, we absolutely refuse to let it.

We ask you to put your thumbs up.  And join us in making a difference for children who don't get to live like children because of "The Monster."  This song is a call to action.  Lane Goodwin's battle and the way he braved his fight were truly an inspiration.  We hope that we, in his honor, can inspire the same fight in you.

But our work is not finished.  In many ways, it is just beginning.  We urge you to join the fight with us and become a Partner-In-Hope with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Children, like Lane, all over the world are treated with protocols developed there.  Becoming a Partner is very simple.  It's $20 a month for 12 months on a credit card/debit card.  Call NOW.  1-800-201-8883.


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