Mother's Day is Sunday and we are celebrating a couple of days early here at WBKR.  We thought we'd share some baby photos with you.  And each one features us with our moms!  Check 'em out!

Here's me with my mom, Judy!  I was a porker!  LOL!  I weighed nearly 10 lbs at birth and I'm pretty sure my mom won a 4H ribbon in the delivery room.

Speaking of porkers!  Good Lord!  Here's Brett destroying his mother Cheryl's legs.  I think she should have put the formula up and fed him some lettuce.

And here's Jaclyn with her mom, Janet.  Now, it's no secret that Janet LOVES icing and will destroy the top of a cupcake in a second.  But we had no idea that she dressed her infant baby to look like her head was lathered in it.

Here's Dave Spencer with his mom, Sue.  Doesn't this look a little bit like a screen shot from the movie The Omen?

And here's Erin Grant!  Here she and her mother are all smiles . . .

And here's she's riding her mother like they just sprung out of Gate #18 at the Kentucky Derby.

Happy Mother's Day . . . to everyone!