It's time to dust off those "He Hate Me" jerseys, because the XFL is coming back. The wild league created by WWE chairman Vince McMahon and NBC Sports executive producer Dick Ebersol had a quick burnout in early 2001. 

The concept was to top the boredom of the NFL and dazzle audiences with sexy cheerleaders, wrestling-type antics, and the colorful player names. WKU grad Rod Smart came up with the most memorable one.

Todd Warshaw/Allsport/Getty Images
Todd Warshaw/Allsport/Getty Images

This time around, McMahon will solely fund the league but he will not be out front or inject himself into the action. The league will not have any ties to the WWE. There will be eight teams (cities to be determined) with 40 man active rosters with the plan to start up in late January, early February which is when the NFL typically ends their season.

What's new this time is McMahon does not want any political affiliation or social controversy surrounding the league. He will set rules every player must abide by, plus he seeking fan input on ideas such as the new rules, cities, how to make the league better, etc. McMahon wants a "toned down" version of what the old XFL but come up with unique elements that will set it apart.

Early reaction has fans calling on former NFL quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel to join the league. Eh...I guess anything is possible. Will you watch?

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