Remember back in the good old days--you know, last spring--when everybody was in a mad rush to buy up all the toilet paper because they got it in their head that the COVID-19 pandemic somehow meant that toilet paper was going away?

Yeah, that never made any sense to me either.

A couple of months ago, when we were headed into the holiday season and getting warnings about potential upticks in COVID cases because of increased numbers of mass gatherings (which happened), I began to see empty shelves where toilet paper packages once rested.

It didn't take long, though, for that to correct itself and, lo and behold, The Second Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 never materialized.

My sister and I were talking about that and mused about how, thankfully, prices on toilet paper weren't gouged like gas prices sometimes can be and then I wondered how expensive toilet paper can get. What I found WERE some high prices, but after doing the math, none of them seemed too outrageous after all.

But I DID happen to find a ranking of toilet paper delivery services, based on multiple criteria.

And it looks like the company known as Who Gives a Crap wins the year.

Yeah, I know. Amazon has toilet paper. Amazon delivers to you home. Got it. But THESE companies specialize in toilet paper.

Companies like Reel, No. 2 (not kidding), Peach, Bippy, Staples (okay so they don't ALL just specialize in TP), and my favorite TUSHY all scored well with toilet paper delivery critics in various categories, according to

So let's not get into the craziness of RELIEVING the store shelves of all the toilet paper. That's just ridiculous.

Fortunately, the stores are now FLUSH with the stuff.

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