The Utz brand of snacks has been around a very long time. Its website's timeline begins in the early 1920s, so we're talking nearly 100 years.

I had no idea about the Utz longevity until I saw a Mad Men episode, some years back, in which they were working on a campaign for Utz Potato Chips.

That's when I Googled Utz and learned more about them.

Utz Quality Foods, Inc. actually is a parent company for four brands, but it's the Utz brand, itself, that interests me the particular, its logo.

This current logo began its life in 1987. It's a picture of a rosy-cheeked girl reaching into a bag of potato chips.

(Presumably, right?)

The other day, I noticed something about the bag when I looked over at it from about 3 feet.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

From that distance, it looks like that little girl is holding a knife that's dripping with blood.

The old logo provides a much plainer picture of what the girl is doing.

And, by the way, I'm not the first person who's noticed this. Although, I may be the second, based on a Google search.

Anyway, enjoy your Utz Potato Chips...and...try to ignore what I've said.





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