Randy Lanham plays his 100 year old Jesus Fiddle on the Stability Ball.

We had a great time with Randy Lanham as he demonstrated a simple stretch that you can do while sitting on a stability ball or in a chair. I am hoping you will choose the Ball to do this stretch! If you don't have a stability ball, I can fix you up! If you live in the Owensboro area you can pick up a new Shaped by Faith stability ball from me at Owensboro Christian Rec Center. The ball make the best  Christmas gifts!

Back to Randy, I had him do an easy trunk rotation to help relieve back tension. Watch him demonstrate this stretch and try it yourself! Remember to breathe deep from your Core as you stretch, this will help you go further into the stretch and allow your muscles to be lengthened.

The best part of this exercise segment was watching Randy do what he does best, play his Jesus fiddle. I am sure you will enjoy his fiddling playing Jingle Bells!

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Don't forget to attend the Lanham Brothers Jamboree Christmas Show on December 12th!

Blessings & Peace be with y'all!