I love expos, and I don't much care what the central focus is. A long time ago in Owensboro, there used to be a big expo on West 9th Street in the original Big Independent tobacco warehouse. There were tons of vendors and merchants. It was a blast.

And THAT was the beginning of my affinity for such events. Now, when you narrow the focus, it gets even better. I'm still waiting for my big Halloween expo somewhere, but until that time arrives, I will happily settle for a Christmas expo. Certainly, it must be the holiday tailor-made for a large number of booths, gift ideas, and whatever else we all want to see or buy during the holiday season.

The Kentucky Christmas Gift & Decor Expo

If you're like me, you could be a very busy human the weekend of December 8th through December 10th. That's when the Christmas Gift & Decor Show returns to the Kentucky Exposition Center at the fairgrounds in Louisville.

What You Can Expect from the Kentucky Christmas Gift & Decor Expo

Maybe you have all your decorating finished, or maybe you're looking for that extra special something to put over "there," wherever "there" might be. If so, it sounds like you need to head to Louisville next weekend.

<span style="font-family: Arial;">Stewart Promotions' Christmas Gift &amp; Decor Show </span><span style="font-family: Arial;">features over<b> </b><span class="auto-style1">700 high quality exhibitor booths and 1000's of attendees</span><span style="color: #f71017;"> </span>each year.  This FREE ADMISSION event is one of the premier Christmas Shows in the Nation, featuring acres of gift items and ideas for anyone and everyone.  Plus bring your camera or phone for FREE Pictures with Santa! </span>

This preview from last year's event should give you an excellent idea of what to expect:

It's been a can't-miss holiday event for over 30 years with vendors from more than 30 states on hand trotting out their wares in hopes of making YOUR Christmas space the merriest it's ever been.

Happy Holidays.

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