When I was a kid, one of my greatest fears was going to see the doctor...even though Dr. Bickel was a great guy.

But I was terrified, nonetheless, because of the likelihood that I was A) going to get a shot and B) Dr. Bickel was going to use the tongue depressor.

I HATE tongue depressors.

And as for the shot...well that always came with Nurse Madge and her octopus-like death grip.

She was charged with holding me down while the shot was administered.

Anyway, not the greatest times for me as a kid...UNTIL we left and went through Likens Drugstore on the way out and got ice cream.

Well, it was an Orange Push-Up, but it was still ice cream. And I loved 'em. I used to get one for being good during a haircut, too.

But whenever I drive by the old storefront, it brings back memories.

It's empty now.

I guess it's too much to ask to have a drugstore go in there that has a lunch counter and a freezer full of Orange Push-Ups.


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