I'll drive by this old haunt, periodically, and remember how good Thruston Pizza & Subs was. I'll remember how it was part of a clue in an old Road War from years past and how it confused some folks who actually headed out to Thruston.

But mainly, I'll remember what it was a VERY long time ago.

It's why I call it an "old haunt," because that's exactly what it was for me and my grandfather.

After he retired and after my grandmother passed away--when I was FOUR, so we're talkin' way back when, in the 70s--he'd be my babysitter from time to time.

That was cool because if he had to run any errands we'd get to drive around in his big old black '66 Chevy Impala--with the leather seats, so be careful wearing SHORTS on a really hot day.

And if we were out during lunchtime (and it seemed we always were--pretty sure he planned it that way) we'd end up at one of two places for a bite to eat.

I'll get to the other at a later date.

In the meantime, I'm talkin' about Blandford's Drive-In where Breckenridge and Cemetery Streets form a "V."

The chocolate shakes were sensational.

Chili and a hamburger were practically REQUIRED dining selections, although everything on the menu was perfect, by all accounts.

Unfortunately, I never got around to everything on the menu.

But I did get around to visiting Blandford's on a number of occasions.

It's vacant now, with Thruston Pizza & Subs having closed, and I doubt we'll see anything go in there again.

It feels like, by now, it wouldn't be practical to put a new business there.

But what great memories.

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