Each week Townsquare Media makes a stop at a unique place in the Tri-State. This week we made a stop in Downtown Evansville (not too far from our offices actually!) at the chandelier tree in downtown Evansville.

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The other day I was taking a walk in downtown Evansville and stopped in my tracks when I noticed something peculiar in a tree. I spotted a chandelier! Now was this just one chandelier in a tree or what?  As I got closer I saw more and more chandeliers.   I realized on the ground there were spots marked where you could stand to capture the perfect photo with the chandelier tree.   I thought how cool it was to have something so interesting downtown.  I love how unassuming the tree looks otherwise, but when you get close to it, the more you look, the more chandeliers you spot.

Even more special, the chandeliers aren't just hanging in the tree for decoration, at night they all light up.  I didn't get the chance to snap a photo at night but check out this photo from the Downtown Evansville Economic District of the tree lit up.  Tell me this isn't the dreamiest photo op! The tree had its lighting ceremony in November of 2020, so it's a fairly new addition to downtown Evansville. The tree is a permanent lighting fixture downtown, so you're welcome to visit it anytime.  If you do decide to stop by and snap a photo of the chandelier tree use the hashtags #DTEVV and #ChandelierTree so Downtown Evansville can see it!




Unassuming Tree in Downtown Evansville is Full of Chandeliers

In downtown Evansville near the corner of the Main street Walkway and 2nd street is the FC Tucker building, and behind it is something kind of magical.

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