What happens in McKamey Manor is no longer staying in McKamey Manor, the extreme "haunted house" located in Summertown, Tennessee.

An online petition now has more than 76,000 signatures and its aim is get McKamey Manor shut down.

According to Fox Business, the attraction calls itself an "audience participation event in which you will live your own horror movie."

It's an enticing tagline, to be sure.

But the petition tells a different story.

While it mentions the offer of $20,000 to anyone who can get through it (nobody has), the 40-page waiver that has to be read and signed, the petition also says "“Some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for extensive injuries.”

The petition also mentions a man who was tortured so badly, he passed out multiple times.

Kevin Smith, however, came BACK to visit after initially being discouraged by that massive waiver, which indicates having teeth pulled and being buried alive are part of the attraction.

And he came back after learning McKamey Manor had been in operation for 19 years and had a waiting list with over 10,000 names on it, figuring it couldn't be as bad as he'd heard if it had been in business that long.

Of course, he didn't collect $20,000 either.





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