One of the most stressful times in high school for me was preparing for the ACT test. Okay, full disclosure, I didn't study one iota. Luckily, for not one, not two, but three Bowling Green area high school students, they were able to achieve the unique distinction of getting a perfect score on the exam.

And, here's another rarity, all three are high school JUNIORS. I think I took a pre-SAT test when I was a junior and I only took the ACT once when my senior year rolled around. Most universities these days seem to lower the score for getting in, so I kind of think my score of 21 is okay? By the way, the perfect ACT score is 36. One of my senior classmates got a 35. Fun fact, we're both daughters of school teachers.

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So what is the ACT test like? It's a standardized test that covers four academic skill areas, English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning. There is also an optional direct writing test. Listen I understand all those skills are useful, I'm using two of them right now (English and writing), but I think math and science were part of my downfall. If your high school junior and/or senior or you want to give the practice test a turn, go HERE.

Recently, Daviess County High School junior Hope Ramming achieved a perfect ACT score. Congratulations to all our area high school students for their hard work and studying during one unconventional school year.


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