It's time to raise a glass and celebrate National American Beer Day. It's a day dedicated to drinking beer created right here in the United States. So, what are all my alcohol-loving friends drinking? Who do you think brews the best American made beer? Take the poll here.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Bottoms up! It's time to pop a top and celebrate my favorite day of the year. I remember being young and dumb, on a college budget in the 80s, and drinking some "interesting" beer. Do you remember Stroh’s, Wiedemann, Milwaukee’s Best, Natty Light and Red, White and Blue beer? Yep! You grew up in the 80s' too.

Luckily through the years, my beer budget grew to allow me to drink Busch Light in the 90s'. You can imagine my happiness when further down the road I could put a Bud Light or Miller Light in my hands. And, now pretty much only Mic Ultra for me. I prefer a can over a bottle, and an ice cold draft never hurt my feelings. I've never cared for those "fancy beers" and yes, I've tried many of them.

Who do you think brews the best American made beer?

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