The next time you need a special cake for that special someone, maybe you should skip the cake without skipping the "cake" at all.

Or maybe you SHOULD skip the cake in favor of a fun character or maybe just a gigantic cloud. If any of this only makes sense because of the context created by that title, then I'll happily clear it all up for you...there IS no traditional cake. If you were thinking, "Oh cool, cake with cotton candy as icing," you're still off base, but you're getting closer.

Puffy Cotton Candy in Franklin TN has taken cotton candy and very nearly upended the entire concept. And I only say "very nearly" because traditional cotton candy cones or "clouds" ARE available; I've just never seen them this big.

Puffy Cotton Candy opened in the Cool Springs Galleria in 2022 and has been an enormous hit ever since. I don't know if it's as enormous as those cotton candy clouds it makes, but it's enormous. And talk about the PERFECT mall store. I can't imagine the shopper who wouldn't stop dead in their tracks if they saw someone making a giant Sonic the Hedgehog out of cotton candy.

It looks like a plushy, doesn't it? And what about those cakes? My only question would be how to cut one of them. That, however, was not an issue for Drew Barrymore when Puffy Cotton Candy delivered some special "celebrities" to her stage a few months ago. I think they look like puppets. This just blows my mind.

And I'm guessing it's the characters on which Puffy Cotton Candy prides itself, and who would blame them? Judging by the store's TikTok, it seems they can create just about any character you could come up with, even though their menu features a set list of favorites. But Puffy Cotton Candy also enjoys demonstrating what your creative treat will become if you don't devour it in a reasonable amount of time. Just look what happens to Anger from Inside Out after a minute, an hour, and a day.

@puffycottoncandyofficial ANGER FROM INSIDE OUT MELTS FAST! This cotton candy baddie went from burning mad to melting mess — whoa! #insideout #insideout2 #cottoncandy #art #beforeandafter #timelapse ♬ Last Rites / Loved to Deth - Megadeth

As you can imagine, Puffy Cotton Candy is also a big hit at Christmastime. Who knew the Grinch could be an old "softie"?

@puffycottoncandyofficial We spent ALL MORNING yesterday making these 13 cotton candy character pre-orders for Christmas Day presents — including 4 Grinch, 1 Snowman, 5 Santa, and 3 Poop Emoji characters! Plus we made 35 more characters after this! 😮‍💨 MERRY CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL! 🎅🏽⛄️🎄 #happyholidays #cottoncandyart #thegrinch #santaclaus #snowman #poopemoiji ♬ Perfect (Exceeder) - Mason & Princess Superstar

So if you're ever in Nashville and you have a craving for a cotton candy Garfield...

@puffycottoncandyofficial Replying to @masond1986 IT’S GARFIELD BY POPULAR DEMAND! This frisky cat is made entirely of cotton candy — including: orange, banana, strawberry, and blackberry flavors. YUM! #garfield #garfieldmovie #catsoftiktok #chrispratt #cottoncandy #art ♬ Lovin On Me - Jack Harlow'll know what to do.

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