'To Joey, With Love' offers a gentle reminder that life is fragile, but if you have faith, friends and family you'll make it through the storm. When watching this inspirational DVD, tissues will be required!

In January of 2014 Joey and Rory decided to take a year off. Joey was due to give birth to a new baby and Rory decided they needed to document the big and small moments in their lives. He filmed for 2 1/2 years. What nobody knew at the time is what God had in store for them and how important this footage would become to the family.

My sister got this DVD for Christmas and was so excited to watch it with me when I was home on vacation last week, but I was reluctant. I followed Rory's blogs, I know the story and how it ends, and I KNEW I would CRY a lot and I wasn't sure if I could handle it. I'm so very glad I watched it! It was incredible.

I feel so honored that I was able to watch this beautiful journey of a couple in love, hanging on to faith and hope. Life is so short and none of us are guaranteed another day, but Joey handled her circumstances with grace and dignity continuing to live each day. This was a beautiful tribute to a woman who touched my life and so many others. It will make you smile, laugh, sing, pray, think, cry and hopefully walk away a better person after watching the film. A beautifully narrated film for her daughter Indiana, her family, friends, fans and community.  Watching this movie was such an emotional experience, but I’m so glad I did and you will be too!

Every day that God allows me to wake up and tell my family and friends that I love them is a blessing. I won’t take it for granted!

Here’s the trailer for ‘To Joey, With Love’:



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