Every so often an adorable critter will take the internet by storm. The viral sensation of Grumpy Cat or Noodle the Pug and his "bones" or "no bones" days brought us joy from their cuteness. Well, I recently found my newest obsession and I bet you will love him too! We could all use a little pick-me-up throughout the week!

This fabulous frog first road onto the scene when Savannah MIkell posted pictures of him on Facebook to make her friends smile. In Florida, there is an abundance of wild toads, and she thought it would be cute to add Toby to other miniature scenes set in dollhouses or on her front porch where Toby likes to hang out. He is not a pet as he still lives in the surrounding gardens. Apparently, he enjoys his newfound fame as he regularly returns for more fun.

Savannah's aunt is a miniature artist, so she helps create the teeny little sets complete with teeny little props. Here are some of my favorite summer-inspired scenes.

Even Toby loves a nice day with the windows open!

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Yardwork is hard for a little amphibian!

Nothing like an ice-cold beer after mowing the lawn!

I'll take one of everything!

Toby even has merch like photo prints, shirts, stickers, and a yearly calendar! So you can take him with you wherever you want, and he can help you keep track of your daily to-do list.

See what I mean? There are hundreds of miniature scenarios on Toby's Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.  Do yourself a favor and give Toby a follow as he continues living his best life. You can never have enough wholesome animal content to brighten your day!


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