In the 1980s and '90s, Patty Loveless became one of country music’s most recognizable voices. Helping pave the way for the female country artists that would follow her, Loveless continually demonstrated her commitment to preserving the history of classic country while owning the stage with a fierce independent streak.

Loveless' discography contains a number of stellar songs that are worth a listen, but The Boot's Top 10 Patty Loveless Songs exemplify the very best of her catalog. Read on for a look at Loveless' best tracks from the late '80s through the early 2000s.

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    "Jealous Bone"

    From 'Up Against My Heart' (1991)

    In 1992, Loveless was firmly establishing herself as one of country music’s strongest female voices with hard-driving tunes such as “Jealous Bone.” The track became a Top 20 hit.

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    "I'm That Kind of Girl"

    From 'On Down the Line' (1990)

    The ‘90s were a prime era for country music videos, and the clip for Loveless’ 1990 hit “I’m That Kind of Girl” is one of the best. As the singer pursues her love interest for a “real romance,” she’s making clear exactly what kind of girl she is. With tracks like this one, Loveless helped pave the way for the genre's current crop of strong women who refuse to be pushed around.

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    "You Can't Run Away From Your Heart"

    From 'On Down the Line' (1990)

    Loveless has always been a country traditionalist, and “You Can’t Run Away From Your Heart” is one of the best examples of her commitment to the genre's classic sound. The harmonies are solid, the lyrics are excellent, and Loveless’ voice made this song an instant hit in 1990, when it was released on her album On Down the Line.

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    "You Don't Even Know Who I Am"

    From 'When Fallen Angels Fly' (1994)

    Written by country hitmaker Gretchen Peters, “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” is one of Loveless’ best vocal performances and one of the best songs ever about a “Dear John” letter. The protagonist of this tune is leaving her man because he didn’t appreciate or really know her, and she’s ready to move on. For anyone who’s ever been in that situation, this track is endlessly relatable.

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    "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye"

    From 'Only What I Feel' (1993)

    In 1993, Loveless made tears fall all over the country with “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye,” a heart-wrenching ode about letting go of the people we love -- whether it’s a breakup of a friendship, the end of a marriage or the death of a close loved one -- all sprinkled with plenty of Mama’s iconic wisdom.

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    "Last in a Long Lonesome Line"

    From 'On Your Way Home' (2003)

    Despite the popification of country music, Loveless has continued to "keep it real" well into the 2000s. In 2003, Loveless released On Your Way Home, perhaps her most traditionalist work to date. “Last in a Long Lonesome Line” is true to classic country lyricism and instrumentation, and Loveless’ bluesy, soulful vocals sell it.

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    From 'Honky Tonk Angel' (1988)

    In 1989, Loveless was on top of the world as she scored her second No. 1 song with “Chains,” a saucy anthem about being chained down by love. The perm she sports in the song’s accompanying music video may not be en vogue any more, but this song will endure as a classic forever.

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    "Blame It on Your Heart"

    From 'Only What I Feel' (1993)

    Loveless is a master of the breakup song, and there's none better than “Blame It on Your Heart.” Sassy as ever, Loveless tells her cheating old flame to shove it and take responsibility for his own actions. This track gave us the most iconic phrase ever for a no-good man’s heart: “lyin’, cheatin’, cold-dead beatin’, two-timin’, double-dealin’ and mean-mistreatin.”

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    "Timber, I'm Falling in Love"

    From 'Honky Tonk Angel' (1988)

    In 1989, Loveless scored her first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart with “Timber, I’m Falling in Love,” a rollicking, hard-country love song that’s pretty darn self-explanatory. More than three decades later, The Voice winner and country up-and-comer Danielle Bradbery made the song her own as a killer duet with her coach, Blake Shelton -- further proof of the timelessness of Loveless' music.

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    "I Try to Think About Elvis"

    From 'When Fallen Angels Fly' (1994)

    Released on Loveless’ 1994 album When Fallen Angels Fly, “I Try to Think About Elvis” endures as one of the most distinctive country tunes of the '90s. A song about using any distraction -- Elvis Presley, Shakespeare, the Beatles, contemplating the cosmos -- to forget about old flames, "I Try to Think About Elvis" was paired with with an equally iconic (and so thoroughly ‘90s!) music video that’s just as irreverent as the song itself.

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