Nashville Kat told Chad and me this morning that Trace Adkins has the lead role in a new Western film 'The Virginian'. Chad asked me, was that a John Wayne movie? No, the original was Joel McCrae. Wow, the Duke and Joel, real men. But, Trace is, too and he will look great. See for yourself how well he does.

According to taseofcountry,com, "Adkins' role seems to fit him nicely, and he looks completely at home on set. With his trademark long hair, cowboy hat and southern drawl, the singer seamlessly transitions into the character of South, the foreman of Sunk Creek Ranch and feared enforcer for cattle baron Judge Henry".

The movie, which stars George Canyon, Ron Perlman and Adkins, has been remade numerous times. A release date has not yet been announced.

Trace is having a good year. In addition to filmmaking, Adkins is also working on a Christmas album and tour, is looking forward to hosting the American Country Awards with Danica Patrick, and recently celebrated 10 years as an Opry member -- a highly accomplished feat!