America celebrated its 237th birthday on Thursday, July 4. To keep the party and celebration going, Trace Adkins recorded a live rendition of the new song 'Take It From Me' at his St. Louis show on the Fourth. The rough and tumble country superstar decided to generously share it with fans and to offer it as a free download after the fact.

"This is a song I wrote the other day, we had never recorded [but] I thought we'd record it tonight," Adkins said, then instructing fans to go to his website and download a free copy of the live version the next day.

Adkins prefaced the song, which is bolstered by a rowdy, rock riff, by revealing that the track was inspired by a familiar scenario that many of us have seen. He said it was about "an interaction I saw between a guy and a girl, we've all seen this. I was the wise old guy standing off to the side going, 'I know exactly what's happening here.'"

Listen to the track below and then go grab your free download here. What a thoughtful and generous gesture on Adkins' part. There are other live versions of the track listenable on Adkins' Soundcloud page, as well.

Listen to Trace Adkins 'Take It From Me'