National Arbor Day is April 26th this year. The Daviess County Conservation District is celebrating by giving away tree saplings the day before.


Always the last Friday of April, the first known Arbor Day took place in 1872.  It was recorded that almost one million trees were planted that day.  Ever since it has been tradition to plant a tree maybe in memory of someone special.  Schools also take the opportunity to teach kids about trees and the importance of taking care of the natural world around us.

The Daviess County Conservation District is an organization that advocates for preserving nature and inviting kids to participate in outdoor fun and learning. They host fun fishing and camping events, workshops to learn about farming, and this tree giveaway is always hugely popular.

The giveaway is at Yellow Creek Park, on Friday, April 25th, and begins promptly at 8 AM.  It will last until 3 PM or until the trees are all gone, which tends to happen very quickly.  If you're in need of a tree to plant, organizers of the event encourage you to show up early to get in line. There is a limit of ten trees per person.

Here are the types of trees you can choose from. Which one do you think you'll plant?

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For more information, visit Facebook, email, or call (270) 685-1707.

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